Burglar Alarms: What Does The Future Hold For Home Security?

If you're in the market for a new burglar alarm system, ask your security company about the latest trends in home security. A number of home automation companies are now developing new burglar alarm systems that pick up hidden wireless signals in your home. If you're like most people, you use WiFi for your phones, computers and tablets. But criminals also use WiFi to steal your information so that they can break into your home. These hidden WiFi signals intercept emails, pass codes and other encrypted data online that contain your address and phone numbers. Here's how the latest innovations in home burglary systems may protect you.

How Will the New Burglar Alarm System Work?

Wireless Internet is one of the most convenient services you may use today. It allows you to work online, connect to your favorite social media page or communicate with clients on secure networks. Unfortunately, criminals have found numerous ways to insert rogue or false WiFi access points into your networks. In most cases, criminals can learn how to create rogue access points online and use them to steal your private data.

Once criminals have your information, they decode it using advanced or rigged hacking tools. The tools tell criminals where to find your home. After locating your residence, the criminals scan the premises from their cars or some other hidden place to see exactly when you leave and return home. It gives burglars a chance to steal your belongings, jewelry and other valuables. 

The new WiFi access point scanning system may prevent future burglaries of your home. You connect the devices, IP addresses and other secure information directly to the system. If the system locates an access point it doesn't recognize as one of yours, it alerts a security company. The security company traces the false access point to the source, or it may block it. You will also receive notifications directly through your cell, tablet or other connecting electronic device.

How the new WiFi access point scanning system will actually work once it's completed is still in development. Until the new system comes out on the market, you can ask your security company about other burglar alarm systems to protect your home.

What's Trending Right Now?

Installing cameras around your home may not be enough to stop persistent burglars from entering your home. You may need to take your home security to a whole new level and add sound devices that pick up unusual noises in your home. The devices connect to your cell or tablet and alert you whenever someone breaks a window in the house, kicks down a door or invades your basement. 

Depending on your security alarm company's services, you may add the sound devices to your current burglar alarm system. You have a chance to monitor your home at any time, including while you're asleep, away on business trips or traveling for the holidays. Your security system contractor may have information about these devices, so don't forget to ask when you contact them.

Another trending burglar alarm system available to you is infrared cameras. Unlike regular security cameras, infrared cameras pick up the heat signatures of humans and animals and record them. Advanced infrared cameras can turn the heat signatures into clear images law enforcement can decipher easily, such as the height and build of criminals. Other advanced systems show the details of the person's face and clothing. The information helps law enforcement possibly find and arrest thieves.

If you want to know more about adding a new burglary system to your home or business, contact your security system provider like Digitron Security Systems, Inc. today.