Ensure That Your Bullet-Resistant Doors Include These Elements

One or more security doors are a worthwhile addition to many different types of businesses, especially those that handle large amounts of cash or other valuable products. When you have this type of door in place, you can feel confident that armed suspects will be unable to break in by shooting at the door; whereas shooting a door's hinges or locks can provide access with a conventional door, this won't be a concern when you have a bullet-resistant door. When you're outfitting your business with these doors, there are several different elements to consider. Here are three elements that you may wish your doors to offer.

Window Panel

While many bullet-resistant doors are completely solid, others have a small window panel in them. This window will always be made of bulletproof glass, and be small enough that if someone were able to shoot through it, he or she wouldn't be able to crawl through the window to enter your business. A window panel is valuable for assessing who might be outside and attempting to get in to cause you harm or rob you. Additionally, the presence of the window panel will be valuable for watching when the police arrive and ensuring that those outside the door calling to you are indeed members of law enforcement.

Gun Port

If you have armed security guards on your premises, a bullet-resistant door that has one or more gun ports can be a good idea. The guards wouldn't want to go outside the business to engage armed suspects, but may wish to use the gun ports to drive the attackers away. This is the case with armored trucks; the presence of gun ports can make the armed guards less vulnerable in the event of an attack. Gun ports in your bullet-resistant doors can further reduce the risk of you and your staff becoming victims.

Heat Resistance

In the event that you're trapped in your location with armed assailants outside and no first responders en route, the attackers may think to set a fire outside the door in an attempt to coax you outside. The good news for you is that many bullet-resistant doors are also resistant to heat. This means that the fire will be unable to pass through the door and ignite the room that you're occupying. If suspects were to go to this length, it's probable that someone in the area would smell the smoke and call the police for you.

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