4 Occasions When Your Company Should Schedule Fire Sprinkler Testing Services

Protecting your business from adversities like fires is crucial to ensuring its long-term success. Fire sprinkler testing is an essential step in protecting your business and its premises from the costly damages caused by fires.

By scheduling regular inspections and tests of fire sprinkler systems, you can minimize potential risks and ensure the safety of your staff, customers, and property. Here are four occasions when it is crucial to schedule fire sprinkler testing services.

When You Take Over a New Building

If you have recently purchased or leased a building, it's important to ensure all systems, including the fire sprinkler system, are up to code and in good working order. You should have your fire sprinklers tested and inspected before you move into the premises.

A professional can assess the system's condition and components and ensure necessary modifications are in place to bring it up to code.

When You're Making Renovations or Expansions

If your business is undergoing renovations or an expansion, you could accidentally disrupt the fire sprinkler system. For instance, if you're changing walls or the ceiling, you could damage the sprinkler pipes.

The fire sprinkler system should be tested before and after any renovations or expansions are made. A test before the project starts will help identify if any modifications need to be made. A test after the project is complete will ensure the system works as expected.

When You Have New or Updated Fire Sprinklers Installed

If your business installs new fire sprinklers, you should have the system tested to confirm it works as expected. If possible, a full test of each sprinkler head should be conducted to ensure it's operating correctly.

A test can involve activating the system, checking water pressure, and ensuring proper coverage. The test should also be carried out to ensure there are no leaks or blockages in the pipes.

When You Have an Annual Maintenance Check

You should have a professional check your fire sprinkler system annually. During this inspection, they will examine all system components and test the sprinkler heads.

Technicians will look for signs of corrosion or damage, check the pressure in the pipes, and make sure the coverage is adequate. Finally, they will make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure that your fire sprinklers are working as expected.

A fire sprinkler system is an important safety feature in any business. To ensure that it works properly, you should have the system tested before and after any renovations or expansions are made and regularly for maintenance purposes. Contact a professional to learn more about fire sprinkler testing