4 Hidden Camera Options Ideal For Protecting Video Game Areas

Owning a large video game collection includes a lot of money invested into various products. Your video game collection may include selections of games, controllers, and various consoles. Therefore, when storing these games in a central location like a home entertainment center, you want to ensure that all of your items are protected and monitored. One way of doing this is with hidden cameras. A variety of hidden cameras can provide surveillance of your video game area. This allows you to see who's using your video games and if any of your video game merchandise goes missing. Browse through the following four hidden camera options to use in the area. Each one can blend into the area and provide you with ideal surveillance needs.

DVD/Blu-ray Player

Video game collections are typically located near a television or entertainment center. Provide a direct overview of the area by installing a DVD or Blu-Ray player with a hidden camera built inside of it. These hidden camera products operate as normal media players so no one will be suspicious that a camera is hidden inside. With the media player plugged in, your hidden camera will have constant power and the ability to record footage at all hours. A DVD or Blu-Ray hidden camera device can be set to record footage based on motion. This means that when someone goes near the area, the recording will automatically activate and capture the necessary footage. These media players may also connect to Wi-Fi systems so that you can obtain footage on other devices like laptop computers or tablets.

Bluetooth Speaker Camera

Another option that you can add to your entertainment center area is a wireless Bluetooth speaker camera. These devices allow you to place the camera in multiple locations in the room. For example, you can place the speaker on a shelf that points directly at the video game collection. A higher shelf option also gives you the ability to have a clear view of the whole room that you want to monitor. Internal storage on the camera can capture footage. It remains in a hidden compartment until you manually remove the media card and upload the footage to various devices. The Bluetooth speaker hidden camera also features a built-in microphone. This allows you to capture audio of any suspicious situations around your video game collection.

Snake Camera

Add a versatile way to capture footage of your video game collection by purchasing a mini snake camera. Also known as fiberscope cameras, these tiny devices are ideal for fitting into small and tight spaces. For example, if you have a shelf of video games, you can add a snake camera between two games that are on the end. The camera wire can feed through the shelf and connect to a hidden DVR box that stores footage. This is a great way to monitor anyone looking at your game collection. You can see if any games or discs are actually removed from your home. Snake cameras can also be placed in high sections of a room, allowing you to easily capture overhead footage of the whole video game area.

Plug Adapter Camera

A video game area typically includes a lot of plugs for consoles, televisions, and other accessories. Blend your hidden camera right in with the other plugs by purchasing a plug adapter camera. This type of camera features recording equipment and a hidden lens right within the large adapter. When plugged into a wall, the camera can provide you with clear views of your equipment. You can easily monitor all of the devices you have plugged in and see if there is any suspicious activity.

Contact security services companies, such as American Wireless Alarm Inc, to find out more about these hidden cameras. The companies can also help you install the devices and give you tips on capturing the most effective footage.