4 Ways To Improve Home Security After A Divorce

A lot of changes come after a couple decides to divorce. When you're left with the house, you no longer have your partner there for basic help and needs. As you adjust to the home, you may consider enhancing the security. Adding extra security can give you a better peace of mind and allow you to adjust to the new home setting a lot easier. There are four different security upgrades you can add to the home. Once the installation is complete, each of these upgrades will be easy to manage on your own. Browse through each upgrade and see how they can benefit your home.

Key Pad Locks

After your ex-spouse moves out of the home, you may not be comfortable if they still have a spare key or access to the house. Instead of using any type of key, you can create access to your home with the installation of a key pad lock. These locks can be installed on every entryway in the home and provide a secure code that you select yourself. Advanced key pad locks can also be connected to your Wi-Fi system. This gives you a lot of different options. For example, you can let a contractor into the home when you're not there. You can also assign temporary key codes for anyone that is coming to the home. This allows you to keep your master code private and to delete the additional codes when needed.

Automated Lights

During your marriage, you may have been used to coming home to a spouse every night. Coming home to a dark and empty house can bring up a lot of anxieties or fear. Instead of entering the home when it's dark, you can hire a security company to install an automated light system. Automated lights can be installed in any room of the home. When set up, the lights can have an automatic timer for when they turn on. You can set this timer at home or choose a light system that is connected wirelessly through an app download. Not only will the automated lights help you feel comfortable at home, but it can help save money on the electric bill. Instead of keeping the lights on all day, the timers can turn on just before your scheduled arrival home.

Window Alarms

One of the more vulnerable entry points for your home are the windows. When a window is left unlocked, someone can easily climb into your home. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is with the installation of window alarms. These alarms are small sensors that are attached to the window and the frame. When someone tries to open the window, an audible alarm will go off that can alert you and deter the criminal from trying to enter the home. By hearing the audible alarm, you can alert the authorities without having to approach the window. Window alarms can be installed on your house windows along with any other structures on your property like a garage or shed.

Doorbell Security Monitoring

As you adjust to life living alone, you will likely seek more ways to protect yourself on a daily basis. One way to help avoid intrusions or interactions is with doorbell security monitoring. Instead of having to answer the door alone, a security company can install a video monitoring system on your front door. When someone rings the doorbell, an automated video feed can alert you on a smart phone or device like a tablet. This allows you to see who is at the door without having to go up to it. Even if you're not home, the monitoring can be viewed from anywhere where you have cell service or an internet connection. Some of the more advanced systems allow you to speak and interact through a microphone.

The adjustment period after a divorce may be hard, but through a little planning, you can make the transition go smoothly. Contact a company like Videotec Corporation for more security tips and ideas.