There's More To Security Than Just Putting Up Cameras

Using a security system from a company like Sonitrol Security Systems to protect your home or a place of business is a good idea, but the process of properly securing a location involves a lot more than just placing cameras at critical spots. If you're worried about more than just deterring criminals, you should take a closer look at these 5 ways you can protect your property.

Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems

Automatically sending alerts when a fire is detected at a site is a good way to head off potential losses. With a properly installed suppression system attached, your setup can also further isolate the risk of fire. Notifications can also be immediately sent to you, allowing you to get a jump on the insurance claims process.

Security Alarms

Having a camera at a site will not deter the most intrepid of criminals, but a set of high-quality sensors might. By attaching them to doors and windows, you can provide 24/7 protection of your property. Police can be automatically notified, and an alarm going off may send thieves running. Data culled from your system will also allow you to identify where break-ins are most commonly attempted, allowing you to plan further security measures around what you've learned.

Access Control

Keeping tabs on which authorized people are coming in and out of a site is important. If inventory disappears from a warehouse, for example, you'll be able to pull up a list quickly of who was on site at the time. Your insurance company may also reduce your monthly bills once they've been informed you have access control protocols in place.

Wireless Sensors

Many of the greatest threats at a location are unseen, such as gas leaks, the presence of carbon monoxide, and chemical spills. Putting a system of wireless sensors in place will allow you to monitor for incidents before they have a chance to get out of hand. You should talk with your installation technician about options that can be customized to account for substances that are found at your site.

Remote Monitors

Maintaining a 24/7 security presence at all locations at a residence or a business can be a costly and challenging job, but remote monitoring offers you the chance to do the task in a more efficient way. In addition to you having remote access to information and video from your site, you can pay a company to keep an eye on things.