3 Upgrades To Consider For Your Residential Security System

Having a residential security system is a great way to protect your family and your belongings. But if you have had your security system for many years, you may want to consider looking into some upgrades that can offer greater protection. Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and there have been a number of technological advancements in residential security systems over the past few years. Making upgrades to your home security system is usually quite affordable, and doing so will also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your home is as secure as possible. Some of the top upgrades to add to your home security system include:

Security Cameras

Residential security cameras are becoming increasingly popular, and advances in video technology make it possible to get very clear video imaging. Many people opt to have security cameras installed inside their home. Many of the security cameras offered today are motion-activated and can be controlled through an app on a smartphone. This means that you can check in on your house and see what is going on no matter where you are. Some home security cameras make it possible for you to alert your security system company if there is a break-in occurring or you need assistance from the police. 

Video Doorbell

A great upgrade to your existing residential security system is a video doorbell. Once installed, a video doorbell functions like a normal doorbell but comes with a lot of extra features. Video doorbells are motion-activated, so any time someone approaches your door, you will be alerted. If you are not home, you can communicate with the person at your door through the use of an app on your phone. This means that no one will ever know if your house is empty, making it much safer. Video doorbells are a great deterrent for burglars and package thieves.

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks have become very popular, and having them eliminates the need for house keys. A keyless lock system is virtually foolproof and can't be picked or broken. You can assign unique codes for anyone who may need to enter your home, so you can get rid of the hidden extra key on your property that can put your home at risk of being broken into. Many security system companies offer keyless locks that can be controlled via an app and let you know any time a door is opened. 

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