Times To Consider Changing The Locks On Your Home

Keeping your home safe and secure is important, and there are some times that you may need to address the locks in your home. Changing all the locks in your home is not something you often do, but some specific circumstances make it a good idea. 

Buying a New Home

When you buy a new home, the bank will turn over the keys to the house at the closing. Often you will get one or two sets of keys to the home, but it is impossible to know how many other sets of keys are still floating around out there. 

Sometimes there was a set made for a child in the family or one for the neighbor just in case the homeowner had an emergency, or maybe, a set got lost and was never found. If you don't know where all the keys for your new home are, it is an excellent idea to hire a residential locksmith and change all the locks in the house. 

Some residential locks can be rekeyed, but most of the time, the best solution is to remove the old locks entirely and replace them with new locks that all have matching keys. That means only carrying one key to the home, and you will be able to get in any door you need to when you arrive home.

Lock Damage

If you have a lock on your home with damage to the lock, hiring a residential locksmith to service the lock is the best way to determine if it can be fixed. In some cases, a lock can be fixed, but it is cheaper to replace it with a new lock. 

The locksmith can replace the lock for you, and if you use a select high-quilty lockset, you can often have the locksmith key the new lock to the same keys as the existing doors in the home.

Installing Smart Locks

If you are concerned about security and want to integrate the locks in your home into a security system, changing the locks to smart locks, electronic locks, or digital keypads might be a good idea. A residential locksmith can help you determine what system will work best for you home and install the locks for you.

In many cases, the locks are programmable, so if someone's code for the door is compromised, you can reprogram the lock with a new code and remove the one that should no longer be used. If you have school-age kids that need a code to get into the house after school, having a lock that allows code changes could be important. Contact a residential locksmith for more information.