4 Trendy Residential Surveillance Solutions To Adopt For Your Home's Security

Video camera surveillance has become part of most people's daily experience. The beauty of investing in technology is that it keeps changing with new technologies that support it. It's a bit hard to hear about a burglary in a home with the right video surveillance equipment. Generally, the mere presence of the surveillance cameras deters robbers from targeting your property.

Thanks to technology, there is a lot more you can achieve with residential video surveillance equipment today. Here are four surveillance trends to incorporate into your home surveillance.

High Definition Resolution

The older models of surveillance cameras did not have the right resolution to capture faces. The videos were often grainy, and the footage was hard to even submit as evidence. However, many changes have happened to camera manufacturing technology. It is now possible to capture high definition images that can be printed and used to hunt down offenders. The images could also be used as admissible evidence in criminal investigations. 

Wide Dynamic Camera Range

A common weakness in the older generation of video surveillance equipment is that when certain areas of the house receive more light than the others, the video ends up with some clear images while other spots end up blurry. 

However, the comprehensive dynamic camera range technology balances out the light such that the camera ends up with clean and balanced images.

High Definition Analog Technology

People who manufacture video surveillance cameras did not capitalize on the quality of the video footage from the video cameras in the past. However, as the cameras become an indispensable security feature in every home, the manufacturers are finding it necessary to invest in technology that enhances the quality of the images.

HD analog technology cameras combine the original analog CCTV technology with high definition resolution screens. The two make it possible to capture minute details such as the license plate number of a vehicle captured on a CCTV camera.

Tamper Detectors

Another challenge with the older generation of CCTV cameras is that if someone is smart enough to tamper with them, they will carry out their robbery. The cameras will not record any of the activity. 

Nonetheless, the manufacturers have invented tamper detection technology that alerts you when someone is tampering with your video surveillance systems. This helps you act fast before the burglars tamper with your surveillance systems completely and find their way into your home.

These are just a few of the technological surveillance solutions you should ask your security systems provider to include in your security plan. With the right technology and a competent professional to install a modern surveillance system, keeping your building safe is an easy task. You will also have the confidence of knowing your family is safe and that you can also check on them from anywhere.

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