5 Must-Have Residential Security Systems Components For Live-Alone Seniors

Personal security is a top concern for live-alone seniors. Limited mobility exposes them to different security risks. Felons see them as easy targets because of their slow response time. On top of these external threats, they also face risks from their frailty. They are vulnerable to life-threatening falls and fire hazards from forgetfulness. If you care for a senior loved one living alone, there are residential security system devices you should invest in to ensure their safety.

IP Home Security Camera

An Internet Protocol (IP) home security camera offers more robustness in response to threats. You can monitor it remotely on your phone. Today's IP cameras come with HD video and night vision for low light. These cameras also come with 2-way communication, which allows the resident to talk to people without exposing themselves to risk. You need security cameras facing outwards to monitor external threats at the gate, doors, and windows. You also need security cameras monitoring different spaces in the house to keep tabs on the senior. This camera can help you call emergency services in real-time when there is a threat.

Biometric Door Lock

Doors are the easiest entry points by external threats. Securing doors with keyless biometric locks ensures the house is safe while avoiding the inconvenience of lost keys. Seniors often misplace items because of forgetfulness. With a fingerprint lock, this worry goes away. It also prevents the risk of unauthorized duplicates. 

Video Door Phone

A video door phone is an essential component in residential security protection systems. It enables the house occupant to monitor guests at the front door and communicate with them before letting them in. Today's video door phones come with Wi-Fi capability, allowing your loved one to communicate with guests from the comfort and safety of their room.

Anti-Burglar Alarm

An anti-burglar alarm warns of a break-in through doors and windows, in case the occupant misses them on the security camera. Today's anti-burglar alarm systems come with motion sensing to monitor movements in unoccupied areas. They also have sound sensing to monitor sound frequencies of breaking glass. An anti-burglar alarm is very useful in improving responses to threats.

Fall Detector

The elderly are vulnerable to falls, especially on slippery surfaces like the bathroom. They can carry around a fall detector as a necklace pendant or bracelet. It senses falling motion and sends out alerts to pre-programmed numbers. It can make a life and death difference for a senior living alone.

Are you worried about an elderly loved one living alone? Talk to a residential security systems provider for security solutions that work best for their situation.