Crime Rate Up In Your Area? 4 Types Of Door Locks To Keep Your Commercial Building Secured

If you have a business and the crime rate is going up in your area, there are many things you can do to keep your business secure.  One thing to start with is having your locks replaced. Hire an industrial locksmith to come to your business to inspect your locks for you. If they find they are not secure enough, there are different types of door locks available for you to replace them with. 

Keyless Entry

One type is known as the keyless entry door lock. Your employees will need to have a security number or a passcode to enter through the door. This means no keys are required to gain access. The lock only allows a certain number of times that someone can enter the security number or passcode. If they go over this number, the person is automatically locked out. This will make it very difficult for an intruder to guess the code. 

Automatic Locks

There are doors that automatically lock when they are closed. You could have this lock added to another type, such as a keyless entry. The person could still open the door from the inside with no problem. An armature plate is attached to the door and an electromagnet is attached to the door frame. The magnet sticks to the plate when the door is shut. This type of lock also works well if you have sliding doors in your building. 

Commercial Strike Lock

Another type of lock you can choose is a commercial strike lock. This type allows you to buzz in visitors when they need to come through the door. An intercom system is generally used to do this. This announces the visitors before you choose to let them in. If you do want them to have access, you can open the door. This type of lock is used to keep employees safe and companies like law firms, doctor's offices, and daycare centers often choose the commercial strike lock.

Deadbolt Locks

A common type used for commercial businesses as well as for homes is a deadbolt lock. This lock is durable and difficult to get through. Choose a deadbolt that requires a key. The locksmith will use a deadbolt that has a long pin that goes deep into the doorframe to make the door almost impossible to break through. The deadbolt and the door handle often come in one piece. This type of lock is especially useful if you have a lot of foot traffic at your business. 

The locksmith that you hire can tell you much more about these locks, as well as other types of commercial door locks available.

Reach out to an industrial locksmith services company for more information.