4 Trendy Residential Surveillance Solutions To Adopt For Your Home's Security

Video camera surveillance has become part of most people's daily experience. The beauty of investing in technology is that it keeps changing with new technologies that support it. It's a bit hard to hear about a burglary in a home with the right video surveillance equipment. Generally, the mere presence of the surveillance cameras deters robbers from targeting your property. Thanks to technology, there is a lot more you can achieve with residential video surveillance equipment today. [Read More]

Times To Consider Changing The Locks On Your Home

Keeping your home safe and secure is important, and there are some times that you may need to address the locks in your home. Changing all the locks in your home is not something you often do, but some specific circumstances make it a good idea.  Buying a New Home When you buy a new home, the bank will turn over the keys to the house at the closing. Often you will get one or two sets of keys to the home, but it is impossible to know how many other sets of keys are still floating around out there. [Read More]

3 Upgrades To Consider For Your Residential Security System

Having a residential security system is a great way to protect your family and your belongings. But if you have had your security system for many years, you may want to consider looking into some upgrades that can offer greater protection. Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and there have been a number of technological advancements in residential security systems over the past few years. Making upgrades to your home security system is usually quite affordable, and doing so will also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your home is as secure as possible. [Read More]

There's More To Security Than Just Putting Up Cameras

Using a security system from a company like Sonitrol Security Systems to protect your home or a place of business is a good idea, but the process of properly securing a location involves a lot more than just placing cameras at critical spots. If you're worried about more than just deterring criminals, you should take a closer look at these 5 ways you can protect your property. Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems [Read More]